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BAYKAL APHS-C 31160 for sale $91,850

Engineering - Fabrication / Press Brakes

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Title BAYKAL APHS-C 31160
Price AUD $91,850
Listing Type New
Stock Number S887
Refcode TA663291

Order Code: S887 ESA S530 CNC CONTROL UNIT 2D -graphical compact 4-axis control Complete off-line 2D programming software Numerical automatic identification of the best bending sequences with collision detection 2D graphic editor for tools data entry Programming of the axes position with automatic checks, automatic calculation of the R position, bending tonnage and crowning. High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data (Ability of 7000 programs and 80-step programming in each bending program) High number of product and 99 repeats of each program step Ability of graphical bending by a software installed on a computer (Graphical bending files can be transferred to the control by USB flash disk) Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program, the programmable and/or computed functions include: bending length /thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, press force/speed, incremental travel and retraction of backgauge, dwell time, delay time for axes re-positioning, decompression speed, tilt adjustment, corrections on Y and X axes. Manual operation of backgauge axes 16 selectable languages Memory storage on USB flash disk (information for top and bottom tools and programs) Features: - Baykal machine frames consist of a monolithic structure with hot rolled steel sheets of Fe 520 welded together. The two housings (shoulders) are obtained from the same sheet to ensure the same elasticity under stress. The ram and table are also obtained from Fe 520 steel sheets and are opportunely dimensioned to avoid deflection - The hydraulic cylinders are manufactured from high resistance steel incorporating chromium plated & ground rods. Completed with lapped pistons to ensure longevity of the hydraulic seals - The hydraulic unit is made by major companies in the field. It consists of electronically controlled proportional valves with independent closed loop control of the two cylinders. - 5 CNC Controlled Axis (Y1, Y2, X, R, W) as standard. Multi Axis available - Full electronic Synchronisation with proportional valve technology. - German manufactured Laser-Safe Guard System mounted at each end of machine ensuring correct interfacing and operator safety whilst in operation. Laser-safe is designed so each guard will slide up or down to allow for many different types and sizes of tooling enabling safety at the appropriate points as required by the Australian standards. Manual height adjustment with scales and lock for easy positioning. - Sliding steel fabricated front sheet supports enabling a wide range of material sizes to be aligned and supported at the correct required width and height. This function is achieved by the precision linear guides mounted on the front apron parallel to the tooling length. This design can also be adjusted vertically to support material with return bends. - Ram positions (Left & Right) are obtained from independent linear encoders whilst monitoring and adjusting proportional valves. This produces a double closed loop system, with guaranteed beam positioning of +/- 0.01mm (Y1 and Y2 Axis) - Electronic control of bending parallelism is via the ESA CNC Control - Accuracy is further ensured by mounting the linear encoders on a C-frame connected directly to the Bed, rather than the side frames. This ensures that deflection of the side frames and uneven loads have no effect on Beam position. - CNC Controlled Back-gauge:- X-Axis stroke 750mm with DC motor mounted on hardened and machined guides, translation via spherical recirculation Ball screws - EAS CNC Control fully programmable with 2D graphics offline software included - Axes are driven by ESA servo amplifiers ensuring the perfect interface with the ESA Control - Precision linear scale measurement : HEIDENHEIN or GIVI MISURE - Y1-Y2 - X-R CNC - controlled stroke axes - CNC controlled hardened ballscrew backgauge with X-axis - X axis range = 750mm speed = 350 mm/s max. - 2 micrometric backgauge finger stops with lateral adjustment - Front support arms fully adjustable mounted on linear rails x 2 off easy positioning over the complete working length of the machine - Quality Siemens Electric control switch Gear is used - Pendant control panel centralising all Press-Brake Functions - Foot Pedal Control, Emergency stop buttons - 2 axis tower type backgauge with AC servo motors - X-R CNC axis , - bar length 2400 mm ( size 200x150 mm ) - Z movement manual with double ball linear guides - fixing on lateral housings - 'X' axes stroke 750 mm - 'R' axes stroke 160 mm - 2 micro adjustable fingers with 2D stops sliding all long the bar - Hardening on fingers - All movements on ball screws and ball guides - AC servo brushless motors - 'X'? axis speed of 350 mm/sec - 'R' axis speed 240 mm/sec - Mechanical accuracy 0.1 mm - Hydraulics: Hoerbiger & Parker (German & USA) - Electrics: Siemens or Telemecanique (German or French) - Scales: Misure or Heidenhain (Italian or Dutch) - Tooling: Technostamp (Italian) - Control: ESA (Italy) - PLC: AKAS - Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA Includes: - ESA S530 2D Graphical CNC Control - Offline graphical 2D software - Y1-Y2 cylinder axis - X - R Backguage - W - table crowning - Quick release top tool clamping system - AKAS Safety laser front guarding system - Mechanical crowning on bottom table - 13mm slot in bottom table for single vee dies Specifications: ORDER CODE: S887 MODEL: APHS-C 31160 Control Unit (Type): ESA S530 CNC Nominal Pressure - Tonnage (Ton): 160 Nominal Pressure - Kilonewtons (kN): 1600 Machine Axis (No.): 5 Length of Work Table (mm): 3100 Distance Between Columns (mm): 2550 Maximum Open Height (mm): 530 Ballscrew Backgauge Travel (mm): 750 Table Bed Crowning System (Type): CNC Controlled System Throat Depth (mm): 500 Ram Stroke (mm): 260 Motor Power (kW / hp): 15 / 20 Motor Voltage (V): 415 Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm): 410 x 160 x 287 Nett Weight (kg): 9700 Last Updated: 2018-10-22

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