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BUILDPRO TMQD626125F for sale $10,175

Engineering - Fabrication / Welding Equipment / Welding Positioner

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Price AUD $10,175
Listing Type New
Stock Number W07725A
Refcode TA710231

Order Code: W07725A BuildPro? Models NEW REVERSIBLE SELF-LOCATING TABLE PLATES! Get longer wear from your BuildPro? Table. When the surface of your BuildPro? Table plates show signs of wear, turn them over to provide a new work surface. New, Patented Bushing design allows you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates! The very practical, modular design of the BuildPro? Table makes it easy to set-up and tear down for job at hand, big or small. Save time and money by holding, positioning and locating quickly and easily with a wide variety of BuildPro? clamps and accessories. In this economy, we know you need to be flexible and responsive to new business opportunities by reducing set-up time, improving consistency and work quality and remaining competitive in both pricing and delivery in a wide variety of jobs; short runs, volume production, prototypes, and multiple jobs in fabrication, repairs, and maintenance. Accuracy: Table flatness : 0.30mm / 914.4mm Hole diameter : 16mm + 0.05mm Hole spacing : 50mm ? 0.038mm Plate thickness : 16mm ? 0.10mm All BuildPro? Max Tables have 16mm thick steel plate with ?16mm holes in a 50mm grid pattern. The New BuildPro MAX has a continuous plate tabletop surface with 33% more machined holes than the standard, slotted BuildPro Tables, for a maximized work surface. Use the BuildPro MAX to: Set-up heavy duty, large, or complex fixtures, or set-up more than one fixture at a time. Utilize the additional holes for clamping at multiple points for greater fixturing accuracy. Features: - The nitriding (heat-treating) process is a mechanical polish and post salt bath oxidative treatment. The benefits of this process included: Anti-Spatter, Corrosion Protection, and Resistance to wear, lubricity and fatigue strength - ?16mm holes - 16mm thick plate - 50 x 50mm grid pattern - 900mm table height - Includes legs Specifications: ORDER CODE: W07725A MODEL: TMQD626125F Type: BuildPro Max Table Type: Nitrided Finish Leg Frame Type: Includes Legs Table Top Size (mm): 2550 x 1250 Table Height with Stand (mm): 900 Table Side Height (mm): ~ Top Plate Thickness (mm): 16 Grid Pattern (mm): 50 x 50 Table Hole Diameter (mm): ?16 Table Slots (mm): 40 Table Load Capacity (kg): 3000 Nett Weight (kg): 654 Last Updated: 2019-04-25

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