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HAFCO WOODMASTER DCC-310 for sale $1,034

Dust - Fume Extraction / Extraction Equipment / Dust Extraction

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Price AUD $1,034
Listing Type New
Stock Number K047
Refcode TA661630

Order Code: K047
DC-3: dust and shavings of LPHV extractors are sucked through the impeller fan blade and then the waste falls into the lower bag, the air being exhausted through the top filter bag, collecting some of the fine dust on the way. This type of extraction shifts huge volumes of air at low pressure and they are very efficient at removing bulk waste such from Planers, Thicknessers & Wood Lathes etc, hence some people call them chip collectors. The down fall with all LPHV dust collector systems is when you reduce the intake hose from 100mm to 32mm the air flow volume is affected dramatically. The fine filtration efficiency can be improved somewhat by fitting a filter cartridge instead of the bag. CDS-2/3: cyclone separator main advantages is the ability to extract and hold large particles and chips before they reach the dust collector impellers resulting in no more loss of suction from blocked filters. The cyclone is designed as a pre-filter for your dust collector. It has no moving parts, and nothing to wear out, clog up or replace. Separates up to 99% of dust from the air stream prior to reaching the filter. This prevents your collectors filter from clogging, allowing you to work safer and longer while saving you valuable time and money on replacement filters and collection bags. The mobile collection bin is fitted with a waste sight viewing window and wheels for easy disposal.

- DC-3 Dust Collector: (W394)
- 1200cfm air flow suction
- Portable on wheels
- 100mm twin inlets
- Quick-action clamps
- 5 Micron fine filter bag
- 1.5kW / 2hp 240V motor
- CDS-2/3 Cyclone Separator: (W316)
- Large 110 litre metal collection bin
- Air tight clamping with rubber seals
- 152mm inlet with 2 x 100mm reducer
- 152mm outlet with 152mm to 125mm to 100mm reducer
- Viewing window on collection bin for waist level
- Capable of running dust bags in collection bin
- Ideal for the up to 3hp dust collectors
- FC-10 Filter Cartridge: (W328)
- Increases filtering area by 700%
- 1 micron filtration
- Rotary handwheel for manual cleaning the filter
- Complete with 10 plastic bottom bags
- 500mm Dia. x 600mm high
- DCK-2 Dust Accessory Kit: (W344)
- 2 x 3 metres x 100mm diameter dust hose
- 10 x Hose clamps to suit 100mm diameter hose
- 1 x 558mm wide floor sweeper attachment
- 1 x Table saw hood
- 1 x Universal dust hood
- 1 x 150mm dust hood
- 1 x 'Y' connector
- 2 x Shut-off valves

Type: Dust Collector Package
Airflow (CFM): 1200
LPHV - Low Pressure High Volume (Yes / No): Yes
HPLV - High Pressure Low Volume (Yes / No): No
Inlets / Diameter (No. / mm): 2 x 100
Outlets / Diameter (No. / mm): ~
Motor Power (kW / hp): 1.5 / 2
Voltage (V / amp): 240 / 10
Floor Space (W x D x H) (mm): 2000 x 700 x 1950
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 910 x 1200 x 1300
Nett Weight (kg): 91

Last Updated: 2018-09-18

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