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Order Code: S542 NEW GENERATION BENDING! - Electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine Bends all types of sheet metal, aluminium, copper, stainless steel for Typical industries: Roofing, Aircraft, General Sheet Metal Fabrication 6 Tonne Clamping Force (with standard full-length clamp bar) ** See Video - Machine In Action** Features: - Electromagnetic rather than mechanical clamping - Excellent design easy to use - forming deep channels and closed sections, deep boxes - Much greater versatility than conventional sheet metal benders - No limitation to depth of boxes - Can form deep channels, and completely closed sections - Automatic clamping and unclamping means faster operation, less fatigue - Quick and accurate sliding angle guide on bending arm - Infinite length bending in stages is possible - Accurate and continuous indication of beam angle - Open ended design allows folding of complex shapes - Machines can be ganged end-to-end for long bending - Adapts easily to customised tooling (clamp bars of special cross-sections) - Includes foot control, full length narrow, slotted & segmented clamp bars - Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA Includes: - Segmented clamp bars; 25, 37.5, 52.5, 70, 140 , 280 & 580mm lengths - Standard clamp bar 1300mm long - Slotted clamp bar 1300mm long - Narrow clamp bar 1300mm long Specifications: ORDER CODE: S542 MODEL: MB1250 Foot Control Fitted: Yes Mild Steel Capacity (mm): 1.6 Bending Length (mm): 1300 Voltage / Amperage (V / amp): 240 / 10 Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm): 145 x 112 x 38 Nett Weight (kg): 220 Last Updated: 2021-10-17
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